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	Joe tells of Howard, his high school friend, a year older; his
father had died when he was young, his mother was an alcoholic.
Howard asks Joe to kiss him.
	His senior year, Howard finds out he's about to inherit a
million dollars from his grandparents.  Howard wants Joe to manage his
business ideas (far-fetched).  Joe goes to community college; Howard
squanders his inheritance renting a mansion, buying expensive cars,
	'After a number of years' Howard runs out of money, has to
sell all his stuff, ends up broke and homeless.  Joe has graduated
from college, has a real job.  Howard moves in with him, becomes too
familiar, cooking and cleaning.  He paints pictures, can't sell them.
	Joe works his way up at work, an importer of expensive vases.
The abusive boss likes him too much, makes a pass at him.  Joe quits,
plans to move out.  Faced with the news, Howard throws his pictures
out the window then jumps.
	Joe visits his friends Vince and Diane in San Francisco.
Diane has fallen out of love with Vince, asks Joe to make love to her,
tears at his clothes; when Joe refuses, she shoots herself.

	10:20: 'Is it the smouldering beauty of my purple eyes...' -
Joe is the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, desirable person in
the world, all men and women want to be with him.  (re-used in 'Lover
man', 'The loved one (remix)', and 'Waiting for the bell'.)

	19:20: Desperate women and men call Joe, plead with him to
make love to them.

	23:20: Joe's in north a Redondo Beach (a small city in Los
Angeles county, on the ocean, expensive) bar.  Nichole sings along
with the jukebox.  Joe has a shot of Old Taylor (a noted bourbon from

	24:00: 2 fat bikers get loud, grab a Korean girl.  Joe stands
up to them, gets punched; the bartender throws them out.  Nichole
tells Joe he did a good thing.  She takes him on her motorcycle to her
old high school, jumps the fence, goes to the pool.  She takes off her
clothes, wants Joe to take off his; he demurs - she calls him
'Grandpa'.  She swims then takes him to her apartment, which is
trashy.  She tells him that her parents took her to amusement park at
the end of a pier (there used to be one on Santa Monica pier) when she
was a girl; in the house of mirrors she saw the face of a beautiful
man, which turns out to be Joe's.  Joe puts her off by claiming he has
a girlfriend, a nurse, claims he's a physician, leaves.  Nichole comes
after him on her motorcycle; Joe evades her, she hits a parked car and


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