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	A woman (Grace Zabriskie) says that she is tired all the time,
can't sleep at night, is terribly thirsty no matter how much water she
drinks; asks what Joe thinks.
	1:00: Joe, a hitman, tells us about his victims, how he kills
them, how he insinuates himself into their and their families' lives,
how he's a good family man, friend, and citizen.
	7:00: Lex (Larry Block), his boss, calls to discuss Joe's
latest hit: Raymond, a colleague who wants to get out of the business.
	8:40: An annoying woman down the hall (they're in the hotel
Mayflower), comes by to bum a cigarette and kvetch.
	9:30: She and a man (Ryan Cutrona) (he isn't introduced) talk
about jazz musicians and the 'Modern Joyce Quartet'.
	10:40: The woman scat-sings to a piano.
	11:40: Joe confronts Raymond (Ryan Cutrona); Raymond wants Joe
to help.  Joe recalls their meeting last week at O'Doul's.  Joe
coaches him on his acting: he's not tragic enough.
	19:10: Joe laments the depths to which we must go to survive.
Lex chimes in, then Larry starts talking about his life.  Larry plays
a patient at Morchand center for clinical competence,
https://icahn.mssm.edu/education/medical/clinical/morchand/actors .
(This may be the first time Larry appears as himself.)
	24:50: Raymond and the woman are gone; Joe's looking at the
junk he sees in the street from his window.  He wonders why anyone
thinks s/he has a right to life.

	On-air credits are: 'It was created in collaboration with
David Rapkin; the story editor was Farley Ziegler, recorded and mixed
by Jerry Summers; the performers were Joe Frank, Grace Zabriskie,
Larry Block, and Ryan Cutrona - special thanks to Jennifer Ferro.'

	The woman in the first segment has symptoms of diabetes; the
woman in the hotel complains of diabetes; Larry plays a patient with
diabetes at his hospital job.


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