[joe-frank-list] 'Night'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 08:30:53 PDT 2021

	The scholars at the Joe Frank Wiki tell me that the show I
synopsized yesterday is 'Night' not 'Night part 1'.  Every show I have
that has been identified by their sources to be 'Night part 1' has
been identical to 'Night', thus my mistake.
	JoeFrank.com distributes 'Night' but not parts 1 or 2.

	http://jfwiki.org/index.php?title=Night has the synopsis.

	Has anyone heard part 1?  It doesn't end with Hardy singing
'Jesus's blood never failed me yet', apparently.

	I apologize for my mistake.

russell bell

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