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	Joe interviews a guy at the beach who has a reflector screen
and a gun.

	3:10: Dirk (Tim Jerome?) and Diana (Beth Dixon?) go sailing.
(Dirk learnt in New Delhi.)  They collide with a large ship.

	9:40: Joe interviews a couple about picnics.  (I think the man
is Arthur Miller.)

	12:50: Diana and Dirk go hiking, eat some wild berries, get
sick to their stomachs.

	17:20: A guy in a crowded area (on the beach?) desperately
tries to draw attention to himself, says he's going to kill a little
girl and serve sandwiches made from her meat.

	23:50: Actors declaim random bits of Shakespeare and fake
Shakespeare; some comes from 'Titus Andronicus'.

	24:30: A critic (Arthur Miller?), addressing Joe, laments the
separation of classical drama from normal life, is happy drama's being
performed in public; the fake Shakespeare continues in the background.

	28: The guy desperate for attention is back, talking to a guy
with an accent who was jailed in his former country (unnamed).

	30:30: The fake Shakespeare is back, the critic and Joe, too.

	32:20: The desperate guy and the guy with the accent are back;
the guy with the accent is worried about his heart.

	33:20: Diana & Dirk are at home, dealing with mundane affairs,
such as buying the soap.  They sound not in love.

	37:30: A guy (Lester Nafzger?  He lives in Woodstock.)
promotes Woodstock 2.  Others promote their areas.

	42:50: Diana & Dirk make a campfire which, predictably, starts
a forest fire.

	47:10: Joe was riding on the IRT in Manhattan going uptown.
He sat next to a blind man.  When Joe identified a stop, intending to
help him, the guy shouted, 'I'm not dead!'

	48: Joe's next door neighbors, a couple with 4 daughters, who
treat the man dotingly.  One day he shouts, 'No!', repeatedly.

	49:50: Houdini, the ultimate protester.

	50:40: Joe tells the 'old story' about a blind man who carries
a cripple on his back.

	51: Joe's idea of a good time is shooting surfers.  Joe
shouts, 'No' repeatedly, then shouts, 'I'm not dead!', then pleads
that we listen to him; he says other random things.

	53:40: The guy on the beach with the reflector and gun is
back, shows Joe more of his stuff.

	Air Date: 1979

	Cast: Tim Jerome, Beth Dixon, Arthur Miller, Lester Nafzger,
Rosemary Foley, Paul Mantell, Fran Dorn, David St. James, and Joe

	Music: 'Hard work' (John Handy) plays behind 47:10 - 53:40 and
some of the first segment.

	I think the words of the remix are the same.

russell bell

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