[joe-frank-list] Bukowski & Arthur

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Fri Jan 1 05:35:53 PST 2021

	Quoth Alexander Antoniades:
	'Does beg the question if he ever met Charles Bukowski who
Bullshovski is clearly based on.'
	It'd be nice if a Bukowski fan listened to the show, commented
on its similarity.  The Wexler stories are in an insider's memoir; Joe
could have read that instead of heard them at a party.

	Quoth Erik Cameron:
	'Arthur doesn't exactly sound like Larry to me, but maybe
because the characters are so different.'
	I think of Larry 'playing' himself in the 'Karma' shows, while
he played a character in the early shows.  Does he sound more like one
of the other characters to you?  I hear a touch of New-Yorker in
Arthur's voice that I think Larry can't completely eliminate and takes
effort to imitate.
	Someone on Reddit asked Michal, reports that she said Larry
played Arthur, Barbara Sohmers played Eleanor.

russell bell

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