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	A panel discusses the dangers strontium-90 and -91 fallout
over the sounds of the crowd and a folk singer with a guitar singing

	3:00: Joe comes on as an energetic MC, backed by 'Kissin'
cousins' (Horace Silver), talks nonsense, closes the show.

	8:10: Panel discusses alternative forms of energy, such as
playing football games on treadmills, other sports to capture the
energy of.

	10: Guy announces sound effects, numbered (gun shots,
breaking glass...)  

	12: Panel discusses new energy bar and nuclear energy.

	14:40: Joe talks nonsense, 'The trees are hung with women's
braids, children's shoes, telescopes, and violins.  There are reindeer
in the windows of steaming Chinese laundries...'

	16:00: Panel discusses nuclear radiation to create mutants,
other uses of nuclear energy.

	22:10: The MC is back, yells at the audience for trying to
leave.  He pleads for the time.

	23:10: A guy on the panel [Lester Nafzger?  He mentions
Woodstock] claims that there are 50 million fewer people in the
country since the invention of nuclear energy, ascribes the decrease
to it.  The discuss more alternative forms of energy.

	Year: 1984

	Cast: Arthur Miller, Paul Mantell, Lester Nafzger, Avery Hart
& Joe Frank

	Music: 'Kissin' cousins' (Horace Silver)

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