[joe-frank-list] the Dixieland music in 'Sales'

Stephen E. Bacher sebmb1 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 2 06:57:08 PST 2021

I also had searched YouTube to find an arrangement of the tune (as it appears in the Methodist hymnal) to no avail.  And
the Hawkins rendition is altered to the point where the tune has very little in common with the original.  The Wikipedia
entry says it was extensively rearranged, and it mainly has the words in common with the hymnal version, not the melody.

 - seb

> 	Quoth Stephen E. Bacher, 'It's an arrangement of the old hymn
> "O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice"'
> 	Thanks.  I thought it began sounding like 'When the saints go
> marching in' then veered off, so I had Gospel in mind.  The title
> comments on the content of this episode.
> 	You have a good ear; I can't associate this with the church
> versions I find on the Tube of You.
> 	Wikipedia says that the Edwin Hawkins is the same song, just
> 'Rock'ed up.  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh_Happy_Day
> russell bell

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