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I wonder if rolling out the body of work in weekly podcast episodes might be effective. Could simply present the work from earliest broadcast to the final works. With ads at the start of the episode read by a host who would also set-up the week's episode with a very brief intro. And maybe an outro that acts as a credits page of sorts.

This delivery mechanism would let the JF material partake in the discovery engine that helps drive the platform. Any listener of, say, This American Life or the Dana Gould podcast would see the JF podcast in the list of “You’ll also like…” entries. 

I guess a Youtube channel would work as well—allow for discovery, allow for ad revenue. No host needed, the ads could be dropped in at the start however that works (I have no experience with any of this). Or do both.

The main issue with the JF website and payment scheme is that it remains invisible and forgotten and disconnected from the more vibrant parts of the web. 

Of course, for a certain kind of fan, there’s pleasure to be had in letting JF’s work remain underexposed. Have you ever seen your favorite band in a tiny club (or an author read in a poorly-attended corner of a local bookstore) and then caught the same band or author after they reached mainstream audiences and now they are performing/reading in a huge venue in front of several hundred or even thousands of people? (Not saying there’s any likelihood of JF becoming widely popular. Just saying there’s a place for thinking, with Jack Kornfield, that nothing has to change. What we have right now is just enough.)

> On Sep 27, 2020, at 9:33 AM, Charlie Hoyt <charlie.hoyt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I always lament that Joe's works are not available on Spotify or Apple Music for easier access.
> - charlie
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> On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 7:19 AM <russellbell at gmail.com <mailto:russellbell at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Quoth Danny <goarmy7 at gmail.com <mailto:goarmy7 at gmail.com>>:
>         'I love Joe Frank.  But the "newly discovered" and "brand new
> show" sold at $4.50 per download sounds like his estate is really
> trying to commercialize his work.'
>         I think his widow intends to make money from his work.  Some
> sell their podcasts; some put advertisements in them; some collect
> royalties from broadcasters.
>         Quoth Erik Cameron <erik.cameron at gmail.com <mailto:erik.cameron at gmail.com>>:
>         'Isn't that pretty much what he was charging when he was
> alive?'
>         Yes.
>         'I do hope that his passing will open up a conversation about
> making his work more broadly available.'
>         How could it be more broadly available?
> russell bell
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