[joe-frank-list] 'White Elephants'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 07:19:01 PDT 2020

	Quoth Danny <goarmy7 at gmail.com>:

	'I love Joe Frank.  But the "newly discovered" and "brand new
show" sold at $4.50 per download sounds like his estate is really
trying to commercialize his work.'
	I think his widow intends to make money from his work.  Some
sell their podcasts; some put advertisements in them; some collect
royalties from broadcasters.

	Quoth Erik Cameron <erik.cameron at gmail.com>:

	'Isn't that pretty much what he was charging when he was

	'I do hope that his passing will open up a conversation about
making his work more broadly available.'
	How could it be more broadly available?

russell bell

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