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Wed Sep 23 05:44:49 PDT 2020

	Quoth Bill Milosz:

	'under ASCAP, BMI or the other common music and content
licensing institutions which allowed free use of all materials on
public air, with no requirement for individual stations to keep track
of what was played or for the station to pay any royalties.'
	ASCAP & BMI sell licenses to radio stations that give the
stations the right to play all the music whose artists have registered
with ASCAP (or BMI).  ASCAP (or BMI) pays royalties to its registrees.
There are other licenses for non-radio station users.

	Quoth bmi.com:

	'BMI uses performance monitoring data, continuously collected
on a large percentage of all licensed commercial radio stations, to
determine payable performances. This census information is factored to
create a statistically reliable and highly accurate representation of
feature performances on all commercial music format radio stations
throughout the country.'


russell bell

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