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	Quoth Tom McDonald:

	'An interesting facet of his programs are the use of Jack
Kornfield dharma talks'
	In his interview at WFMU 2005 he said he never met, nor had
any relationship with Kornfield, said he 'just came across some of his
cassettes' - 'I thought what he was doing was very interesting and I
thought it was very interesting juxtaposition to what I was doing and
I thought if I had Larry Block and Debi Mae West and me and one or two
other people and Jack Kornfield it would make for a very interesting
dynamic - sort of I used to think of him as the sacred and of us the
rest of us as the profane trying to be sacred or longing to be
sacred.'  (About 35 minutes in.)

	I can't place the show, but I remember Joe talking with Larry,
comparing their tactics for dealing with unhappy realities, saying
that Larry drank while Joe listened to Kornfield.

	'did he violate Kornfield's copyright, steal his intellectual

	Quoth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Frank:

	 'In an interview on KPFA's "Morning Show," Kornfield was
asked about working with Joe Frank.  Kornfield explained that,
although he had never met or talked to Joe Frank or heard his show, he
didn't mind Frank using the lectures and that many of his meditation
students had found Kornfield through the show.'

	'Similarly did JF have permission for the music he used? I
imagine so. But I do wonder'
	I have no information, but I suspect not.

russell bell

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