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Joe Frank joe at joefrank.com
Fri Sep 18 11:26:12 PDT 2020

Welp, I was bumped off the List (even though I received posts...) here 
was my answer to the Kate Q:

Thankfully, Joe did not take the answer with him.

Yes, Kate was real. Based entirely on Joe's real-life relationship with 
her. She was his last girlfriend before me. There are still untold 
stories about Joe and Kate that no one knows about but me. (I'm writing 
a book about our lives together and Kate deserves more than a full 

On 9/17/2020 5:52 AM, russellbell at gmail.com wrote:
> 	'I think the holy grail of this is Kate herself. Was she even
> real? Based loosely on a woman a friend of Joe's was having a
> relationship with? A total fabrication? I think Joe took the answer
> with him.'
> 	Joe had a lot of friends; it was a public relationship if it
> existed.  I figure Michal Story, Lester Nafzger, Harry Shearer,
> Kristine McKenna, Debi Mae West, David Rapkin, Bob Carlson must know.
> If none of them ever met her, she's probably an invention.
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