[joe-frank-list] what's real, what's not

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Fri Sep 18 05:12:15 PDT 2020

	Quoth Sander Antoniades:

        'Figuring out what's real is sometimes part of the fun. Like
you the one with dogs haunts me a little and the other which oddly
sticks with me is did that Russian guy who needed help from the Jewish
community ever get circumcised?'
	Refused it, so I figured it; about 12 minutes into 'Prison

       'Another question is about Joe's true story about After Hours,
why does he get unofficial credit at least in IMDB?'
	They cribbed one of his stories

	'He goes on in No Show about it, but what makes it extra odd
is how Larry Block got a role in it and did they know each other at
the time.'
	Larry appears in 'Warheads' (1983); 'After hours' was made in
1985.  Larry got a lot of work, mostly small roles.

        'Thanks for keeping this list alive!'
	You're welcome!  Little help?

russell bell

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