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	Joe's father is a chemical engineer at a condom company in
Massachusetts.  Tired of his work, he builds a dirigible in the
garage; on its first voyage, winds take it to the Vatican.  He returns
to the US, designs prosthetics, goes on the lam to avoid legal
	6:30: A guy (Ryan Cutrona?) is glad he got a 9-millimeter
(hand gun), shoots his dog, gets into a fight with his wife (Grace
Zabriskie?).  Joe re-uses this as the start of 'In the dark'.
	12:30: Joe delivers a mock paean to a fictional mother, all
the things she does for her children and husband - later re-used in
	21:30: The husband and wife are back, arguing about where he
was Wednesday and Thursday.  He won't tell her because she could be
kidnapped and tortured to find out.
	23: Joe remembers when we were safer (to an improbable degree)
in our possessions.
	24: A guy calls.  He's inside a shack, sees elephants out the

	Some notes put Firesign Theatre's Philip Proctor and Alan
Arbus in the cast.  I don't hear a fourth male voice, can't identify
the guy in the shack.
	Music:  Opens with Thomas Newman's score for 'Shawshank redemption'
		Closes with William Orbit's 'Atom dream'

russell bell

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