[joe-frank-list] The cast of 'In the middle of nowhere' (Sean Kelly)

Sean Kelly seaniekaye at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 09:10:48 PDT 2020

Hi Russell, I just listened to a bit of In The Middle of Nowhere again to
confirm, and Bud is definitely Larry Block. I'd bet my life on it. I am not
sure how to demonstrate it. It's his timbre, his rhythm, his attitude, just
a decade or two younger than The-Other-Side-Larry.

The 'angel' is Arthur Miller. Again, not sure how to demonstrate it, sounds
just like him to me. Maybe someone on the list can back me up?

This is the show that got me hooked on Joe Frank. I heard Part 1 in the car
late one Sunday night c. 1988 and was mesmerized. Sat in the driveway
listening to Ryder talking to the Angel, totally rapt. It was one of those
lynchpin moments for me.


On Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 10:16 AM <russellbell at gmail.com> wrote:

>         Quoth Sean Kelly <seaniekaye at gmail.com>:
>         'I responded the other day but I'm not sure it came through as
> I used another email address..'
>         It didn't.
>         'I am pretty sure that Larry Block is Bud the Bible Salesman!'
>         Why?  It doesn't sound like Larry to me and it sounds like a
> natural voice.  Does the angel's voice sound like Bud's to you?
>         Thanks for responding.
> russell bell
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