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Mon Oct 5 08:36:43 PDT 2020

	Joe introduced the story of his relationship with Kate in
Karma Parts 1-7.  He brought in the stories of Larry & Zachary Block
and Debi Mae West.  He continued those stories in radio shows after
that.  These stories developed, built on the past episodes.
Unfortunately stations that aired Joe's shows afterwards would air
Karma Parts 1-7, then, maybe, all the shows that contained the word
'Karma' in their titles.  None aired the stories in order.  I
recommend listening to them in order.

	Bad Karma
	Evening Sky
	Karma Don't Deny Me
	Karma Redux
	Small World Karma
	Waiting For Karma
	Karma Memories
	Karma Crash
	Silent Sea
	Bitter Pill
	Sunday Morning Service
	Caged Heart
	Karma For Dollars
	Insomnia (the 60 minute show, not to be confused with the completely-different 30 minute 'Insomnia')
	Where Will It End?
	Fire and Ice
	The Angina Dialogues
	Four Part Dissonance
	What Do Women Want?
	Don't Know Mind
	The Future
	Plerophory of Pain

	4 of his shows after he went off the air build on the 'Karma'
show, in order:

	Time's Arrow
	Bad Faith
	Debi Mae at Burning Man

russell bell

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