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	All but 2 minutes of the show 'The other side' is re-used
material, including almost all (perhaps all) of 'Across the river'.
The 'new' part is an excerpt from a sound-effects record at 32:40.

	A panel discusses new weapons; Steiner, in upstate NY, resents
that they never send him new weapons, that he has to improvise on a
small scale.  (Originally in 'Warheads')
	14:20: Story of the Kapts, a tribe in ancient Turkey that took
inaminate objects captive, then themselves.  (Originally in
	16:50: A panel discusses being taken hostage, the business of
hostage taking.  (Originally in 'Dreamland')
	22:50: A group at a café(?) discusses strontium-90 and -91
(Originally in 'Across the river').
	25:50: Joe, MC at a club, thanks his audience.  (Originally in
'Across the river').
	35:50: Group is back discussing alternative forms of energy.
(Originally in 'Across the river').
	32:40: Guy announces sound effects, numbered (gun shots,
breaking glass...)  This is the only part of the show not taken from
previous episodes.
	34:40: Group is back, discussing new energy bar and nuclear
energy.  (Originally in 'Across the river').
	38:40: Group discusses nuclear radiation to create mutants.
(Originally in 'Across the river').
	44:50: Joe, the club MC, is back.  (Originally in 'Across the
	46:00: Group discusses 'fact' that 50 million have died from
nuclear energy, then imaginative alternative sources of energy.  One
claims that all the residents in an apartment building in Woodstock,
NY generate the power for its lights.  (Lester Nafzger lives in
Woodstock.)  (Originally in 'Across the river').
	48:40: Guy (distorted voice) answers a pay phone on his way
home, about 2 AM, converses flirtatiously with a female stranger who
is watching him.  (Originally in 'Lines')
	53:30: Young men and women have flirtatious phone
conversations (conference?).  (Originally in 'Lines')
	58:30: Guy complains that people contradict themselves.
(Originally in 'Questions')

russell bell

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