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Mon Jan 13 09:07:08 PST 2020

	Most of the remixes are nearly identical to the originals
('Great Lives' and its remix, for example), or recycle material from
other shows ('I'm not crazy' and 'On the edge', for example) rather
then have new material.
	'The road to hell' and its remix are different.  Most of the
remix is different, either none or only a small portion of its
material comes from another show ('Words').

	Both start with a paean to the hobo life, about 6 minutes, but
though they start with the same sentence, use the same background
music (a few seconds of the intro to Country Joe McDonald's 'Hold on
it's coming'.), they're significantly different.  One has an impromptu
poem.  I can't write a useful description shorter than the content.

	After that, one goes immediately to a scene at a ski lodge,
the other the hobo gets off the train at Wildermere (sp?) and
describes the town, then the scene at the ski lodge picks up in the
	The stories about Christmas in New York and the New Year's Eve
party in which a guest is found smothered under the coats thrown on a
bed follow.
	After these (at 20 and 29 minutes) the content is completely
different, and not used in other episodes.

	In 1, a fellow named Rottweiler runs a group of people trying
to sabotage society (subliminal messages in movies, on blimps,
banners, 'radical wandering yodelers', hallucinogenic subtances in
room fresheners, flammable substances in fire extinguishers, shaving
creams that cause hair to grow uncontrollably, powerful emetics,
diuretics, and laxatives into coffee-cart coffee, paranoia-inducing
substances in public-toilet paper dispensers.) for 10 minutes.  
	Then Joe complains about a long list of 'lite' things (beer,
cheese, meat, baked goods...) and other things (henless eggs) for 8
minutes, ending up with many different kinds of -oca cola.  
	47 minutes, Joe tells us how much he likes the life he's
leading, repeatedly, for about a minute.
	Joe tells about an enormous mall that sells everything,
including malaria and parasites (last words, '...you can actually
develop malarial symptoms and become infested with parasites - it's
wonderful!  [whispered]')

	In the other Joe tells us about living on the lower east side,
getting mugged by the same guy every few weeks, then meeting him 10
years later, working for Rosemont Electric ('drink scotch, not vodka,
so the customers know you're drunk, not stupid' the boss tells them),
the prostitute he could see working in an adjacent building, the piano
in the alley.  
	At 28 minutes Joe claims to be a number of remarkable things
('I am a statue carried in a cart...') for 3 minutes.  
	At 31 minutes he wonders that people can look at crowds and
think they're special ('When you're walking in a city during evening
rush hour...')
	At 34 minutes a distorted voice (lowered pitch) tells of a
family arriving on an oil platform in a flotilla of paper bags.
	At 38 minutes he explains 'balance of payments' - paying the
king his weight in gold.
	At 43 minutes a woman with a French (?) accent talks about
falling in love with a beautiful man.
	At 44 minutes the distorted voice guy returns with a defective
garage door opener remote that triggers the ICBMs nearby.
	At 47 minutes Joe delivers a paean to women ('O woman,
possessor of the mysterious womb...'
	At 53 minutes distorted voice returns to complain about all
the things he's tired of, then tells a few more odd stories, 1 about 2
dreams he had, another about watching a couple dancing in Montmartre
(ends with '...both of them intoxicated by the music wafting from
small jazz club on Montmartre')

	I have contradictory information about which is which.
jfwiki.org identifies the latter as the original, has no entry for the
remix.  The 1-sentence descriptions on joefrank.com are identical.

russell bell

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