[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank on 'Fresh Air'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 03:48:27 PST 2020

	The URI for the segment,
, says it's 27:36.  The actual audio file is 59:30, but that's the
whole show: billboard, news, interview with Joe, interview with
Microscopic Septet, review by Ken Tucker, more.  The billboard, mostly
about the interview with Joe, comes first, then the interview with
Joe, then the news (!) 30 minutes in; subtract the billboard (which is
worth hearing) and the break, and you have about 27:30.  The segment
from 2003 October 24
is 18:26; the segment from 2018 January 19
is 20:01.  Material is missing from both.  I'll let those who choose
to listen figure it out for themselves.  I think everyone on this list
will find it valuable listening.

russell bell

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