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Chris Pirazzi joefrank at lurkertech.com
Sun Feb 2 11:25:55 PST 2020

I've been a Joe Frank listener since the 1980s and subscribed to
JoeFrank.com to support Joe and Michal for 13 years from 2006 to the

I noticed that we have all these great JF resources scattered around the
internet (JoeFrank.com, the JF FAQ, and the JF Wiki), each with summaries
for some (but not all) shows and different interesting tidbits of trivia
for some (but not all) shows, but there is nothing that ties them all
together into a coherent list.  And we have discussion forums
(joe-frank-list mailing list, r/joefrank subreddit) but nothing tying those
discussions to the reference sites either.

So I just spent more than 70 hours creating the Joe Frank Index:


a non-commercial hobby website (not affiliated with official JoeFrank.com
in any way) that serves as a launching point for exploring shows and
series.  For each show it provides links to JoeFrank.com and the JF Wiki as
well as the short summaries from JoeFrank.com and the JF FAQ, and provides
show-title-specific search links to joe-frank-list, r/joefrank, and Google.

It has a clean, simple interface that lets us sort all the shows by air
date / title / series / type / ID with a consistent set of information for
each show, to support different ways of exploring shows.

It also lets us bookmark permalinks we can share with others to refer to a
single show.

Hope everyone can enjoy this resource.

If you have any corrections or additions, let me know!

The thing that took so long (other than the programming) is that while each
source resource has tons of info, they also have many many inconsistencies
and omissions.  I tried to resolve as many of these as I could in creating
the Index.  For example,

   - Some parts of JoeFrank.com have Air Dates accurate down to the day,
   but other parts of JoeFrank.com have air dates only by year and the air
   order in which they list episodes contradicts all the other sources.   I
   tried to use my best judgment to come up with the most likely show order.
   For the early shows I gave preference to the FAQ and Wiki orders. If anyone
   knows better, let me know.

   - The show descriptions on the JoeFrank.com individual show pages often
   (but not always) differ from those on the JoeFrank.com audio/video
   streaming pages, so I included both when they differ and supplemented them
   with the JF FAQ descriptions.

   - On all 3 resources, certain info (like Show Type or Play Time or
   Series) was either missing or inconsistent on many shows.  I tried to fill
   in missing info and resolve inconsistencies so as to create a more useful
   and consistent interfaces for newbies and fans interested in Joe Frank.
   The Wiki has the concept of a show belonging to more than one type group
   and if I have time someday, I will expand the Joe Frank Index to support
   this concept.

Thanks to everyone for organizing all these JF resources and thanks to
Michal for keeping the legacy going!

  - Chris Pirazzi
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