[joe-frank-list] Music Joe used in his shows

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Sun Dec 6 07:33:59 PST 2020

	Quoth Sean Kelly:

	'Hi Russell, here are a few for starters:...

	Thanks!  I've added them.  Here's the list as of now:

	Quoth Steve and Micki Bacher:

	'Have you seen this list? It was fairly comprehensive.

	Yes, thanks: that's the list that Dan Abrams compiled about 20
years ago and Beau Gunderson saved.  Mr Gunderson announced its return
on this mailing list (at a different URI) on this mailing list in
2004!  I started with it.  I should have acknowledged it.  I corrected
typos and added many new entries.  Even the current list isn't

	I forgot to mention Pete La Roca's 'Lazy Afternoon'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFFs9XsZKvw - recognize its episode?

	Here's 13 seconds of music from 'Karma don't deny me', about 8
minutes in, just before Jack Kornfield talks for the first time.  Do
you recognize it?  It's the background music for much of the episode.


russell bell

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