[joe-frank-list] Clement von Franckenstein

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Fri Feb 1 21:18:00 PST 2019

	Quoth D.A.:  'Brilliant find!'

	Quoth D.A.:  'How did you come across this?'
	I searched for 'Clement' on the Facebook page of the Royal
Scots Greys.  That turned up a photo, the caption of which had that
name.  (It was a photo of about 30 men, possibly the troop he
commanded, and the year 1965.)  Curiously, the photo was blocked soon
after I viewed it.  It's the January 21 post of Beatrice Cocroft.  His
name was part of the image, which would seem to mean Facebook OCRs

	Quoth D.A.: 'By the way, the YouTube video on his Facebook
page is no longer there, but if you search for Clement Von
you get a bunch of videos of him, including an acting reel.'
	His IMDB page has dozens of roles, mostly small, including a
trailer or 2.  I haven't watched any of them.

russell bell

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