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Wed Oct 24 21:32:13 PDT 2018

	Quoth Tayt J Harlin: 'The interviewer here sounds
familiar. Was he on any of Joe's programs?'
	I don't remember hearing Ben Sidran on any of Joe's shows;
joefrank.com doesn't mention him, neither does jfwiki.org.
	Joe's site used to have a list of everyone who had appeared on
his shows.  I can't find it on his site anymore.  It has about a 100
names, including Bob Odenkirk, F. Murray Abraham, and Brother
Theodore, and some of the single-named people, such as Chantal and
Angel - in other words, thorough - but not Ben Sidran.

	'I especially wonder because this is NPR.'
	To my knowledge only 2 persons on any of Joe's shows appeared
on NPR: Scott Carrier and Larry Massett: they were the 2 guys talking
about fishing in 'Rain'.
	There are 2 people who worked at KCRW: Julie Renick, a staff
announcer who played small parts in 2 of Joe's shows; Theo Mondle, an
engineer Joe roped into a few shows, usually not talking - he did move
to an engineering job in Washington at NPR, but not on the air.

	Coincidentally, in
, Robert Koehler wrote, 'But by taking his show to the stage, Frank's
ingeniousness has become clearer.  Which isn't to say that the
mysteriousness of his world, an odd mixture of Borges, Donald Fagen
and intellectual soap opera, has been dissipated.'

	Quoth D. A. Gutierrez, 'To me, in the first few seconds of
this interview, he kind of sounds like the guy who tells the opening
story in "No Angel" about his brother who "f**ked a woman to death in
Bolivia", but I always thought that was Arthur Miller.'

	A synopsis of 'No Angel' from joefrank.com in December 2011
(when I fetched it, not when it was written) reads:

        'The story of Arthur's brother in Bolivia who f-ed a woman to
death; Joe's fascination with time leads him to collect ancient
objects; Rosalie, whose parents were Holocaust survivors, seeks
reconciliation with the children of German SS officers; Joe works with
an amoral film crew in Africa.  

	'Cast:  Larry Block, Arthur Miller, and Joe Frank'

	Yemen's being in the news recently reminded me of 'Another

russell bell

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