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Steven Maleski smaleski at socal.rr.com
Thu Dec 6 12:43:09 PST 2018

Thanks for the additional history on Hirschman/Seymour and KCRW.

I had the pleasure of attending that joint Joe & Sandra show at The Evidence Room in ‘04. After listening to both on the radio it was a big thrill to see them perform live, especially in such a small intimate place. I wish I saw more of his live performances.

Ruth left KCRW in 2010, ‘Le Show’ was dropped in 2013
I let my membership lapse in 2002. 

Thanks for the additional history on Ruth and KCRW.

Steve Maleski
smaleski at socal.rr.com

> On Dec 6, 2018, at 12:00 PM,From: russellbell at gmail.com wrote:
> She fired Sandra Tsing Loh after Joe.  They did a joint live
> show after that; she mentioned that they had KCRW-firing in common.
> She fired Harry Shearer ('Le Show') after some 25 years with no
> notice.  (Or had she left by then?)
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