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Steven Maleski smaleski at socal.rr.com
Mon Dec 3 22:33:26 PST 2018

I had the pleasure of attending New Filmmakers Los Angeles Saturday’s showing of “Joe Frank:Somewhere Out There” a documentary crafted by D.P. Carlson.

The film opens with the sound of the drone so common in Joe’s programs with the visual effect of a straight line that becomes a waveform of the sound and then you hear Joe’s voice. We all went wild. Just the perfect start.

In addition to great clips of radio personalities who were also Joe’s contemporaries or co-workers at KCRW, or were frequent cast members of his programs. Carlson worked in great visual effects that played over the frequent clips from Joe’s shows that really highlighted and complimented Joe’s unique voice and delivery. 

But there was one glaring omission. No Ruth Seymour who was the General Manager at KCRW and who invited Joe to LA and gave him the space to do his unique show. Carlson did include current GM Jennifer Ferro who covered that history for us, but it would have been something special to hear from Ruth about what she heard in Joe’s early work that prompted her to make the financial commitment and share his talent with those us us lucky enough to receive KCRW then.

I know Joe & Ruth had a rocky relationship and maybe Joe wasn’t interested in having her take part, or maybe she was hesitant to be a part of this project. But her participation would have filled a hole in what was otherwise a great review of Joe Frank’s life, work and great artistry.

Just my two cents

Steve Maleski
smaleski at socal.rr.com

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