[joe-frank-list] Fourgonnette?

Robert (Sandy) Noyes boojum at charter.net
Sun Sep 10 21:02:50 PDT 2017

Frank -

How is that project car Fourgonnette coming along with its beefy BMW 
engine?  Leaving it unrestored on the outside with a honking big engine 
is what we call a "sleeper."  No one will suspect it as a rocket unless 
the exhaust gives it away.  And they will stay that way until you take 
off in it.  And it is a great use for the engine out of a crashed 
Beemer.  I've seen them on YouTube and they are quick.

The Royal Dutch Duck has had more than 3,500 KM put on it now.  The 
engine is fine with the intake valves at 0.006", exhaust the same.  It 
runs quite nicely at 110 KPH but Erik has cautioned me that the engine 
will last a lot longer at 100 KPH, and so shall it be.  I got my license 
plates and as soon as I get the front one attached I will send pics. The 
slight tear in the left front of the top has been repaired. My fault 
that it was torn.  The charge was USD$20.  Pretty cheap.  A new one is 
USD$250 or more.  I'll keep that $230 in my pocket for a while.

I leave on the 25th or 26th for Newportwith my pup, Ace. The next day I 
start driving east.  We are going to have some fun.  Thanks for the 
car.  I am still loving it to pieces.

Proost vriend


				Not my circus

				Not my monkeys

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