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Love Prisoner  
Thanks for the suggestion I love it.  Classic.   

There are some seasonal selections Joe updated recently over on the JF site. 

Bob Lee  
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  "rightful spot back on the airways."

  Wait a second. .  Joe worked at an airline?

  Just kidding, I think you meant "airwaves"

  Anyway, my recommendation for a show:
  - Love Prisoner - just awesome.

  - The second half of Mountain Rain - where Joe assembles a ragtag group to make an ascent up K2 with absolutely no preparation - hilarious and, I admit - if I ever get ridiculously rich, it's the first thing I'll do.

  - Predator - Larry Block's monologue takes up about the first 32 minutes and is just incredible to listen to; and the second half, where Joe has several mini monologues and the music takes a more prominent role is an engrossing treatise on power. (the dynamic of power, not electrical wiring!)


  On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Bob Lee <bobl at 1amsoftware.com> wrote:

    First I think I need to apologize to Joe or whoever it was in his office who alerted me that my posting on my blog of one of Joes works would not be a good idea.  As everyone can see I removed the posting within minutes of the notice of offence.    
    It has never been my idea to rip off Joe in anyway I only hope somehow with efforts from  a group such as this and other to promote Joe and his work for years to come.    

    That being said, a comment was brought up over on Facebook about Ruth Seymour retiring, and someone thought it would be a good time to consider a litter writing campaign to the nice people over at KCRW to politely request Joe takes his rightful spot back on the airways.   

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good show to listen to.   ?  there are just so many, and need a Joe fix.. someone got to have an idea, somewhere out there.   

    Best wishes and happy thought to all for the new year.   

    Bob Lee  

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