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It takes a station with money to support stuff like Joe Frank.  KCRW is one of the most well financed public radio stations in the US, and is in the elite league of big money stations like WBEZ Chicago (biggest public radio operation in the US) and WBUR Boston.  I doubt KPCC or KXLU has anywhere near the money or reource-development staff to support Joe Frank.  A weekly hour long program like Joe's has got to cost around $200,000 a year or more.

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I like your suggestion, but give how harshly he was treated by KCRW, would Joe even want to return to KRCW? What about a bi-weekly program on KPCC or KXLU?

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I would like to hear Joe Frank back supported by some institution producing new material.  I'm sure that, given the state of his health, he wouldn't be interested in the grueling routine of producing an hour of original radio every week.  But perhaps he would be interested in doing a weekly mix of older material with new shows added in when he can make them.
The idea of a letter writing campaign to promote this would of course depend on HIS INTEREST in getting back to KCRW.
The success of such a campaign depends, in large part, on the current state of internal politics at KCRW. Anyone know any insiders there at KCRW who can give us a readout of the landscape over there?

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First I think I need to apologize to Joe or whoever it was in his office who alerted me that my posting on my blog of one of Joes works would not be a good idea.  As everyone can see I removed the posting within minutes of the notice of offence.    
It has never been my idea to rip off Joe in anyway I only hope somehow with efforts from  a group such as this and other to promote Joe and his work for years to come.    
That being said, a comment was brought up over on Facebook about Ruth Seymour retiring, and someone thought it would be a good time to consider a litter writing campaign to the nice people over at KCRW to politely request Joe takes his rightful spot back on the airways.   

Anyone have a suggestion for a good show to listen to.   ?  there are just so many, and need a Joe fix.. someone got to have an idea, somewhere out there.   
Best wishes and happy thought to all for the new year.   
Bob Lee  

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