[joe-frank-list] Largo screwed me

Ryan Comp ryancomperatore at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 16:21:13 PDT 2008

Joe's guest list had precedence over my phoned in reservations yesterday morning. I got screwed out of hotel and plane reservations not to mention schedule arrangements I made to see him. THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THE SHOW BEING SOLD OUT on the message or the website yesterday. I called all day yesterday and today only to receive a phone call at 4pm today after sending in a fax. The excuse is that Joe's guest list comes first.

I've been listening to Joe Frank since mid 1980s, I'm a member of this website and this is the only show or live performance I've ever cared about seeing. I've been 2x before. 

I just want him to know that my life and 3 tickets got axed cuz of his guest list. 

-Ryan Comperatore
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