[joe-frank-list] Streaming back on website?

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 21:29:44 PST 2008

When the website streaming went down, I stopped
logging in for a while, assuming that they would stop
charging my paypal account monthly for my membership,
and I'd get some kind of notice when it was back.

For quite a while I've just been listening on Chicago
Public Radio after Le Show goes off.  (I listen
online, as I'm in NYC.)

Tonight listening to "In the Dark, Part 1" it occurred
to me to check the website.  Looks like they got most
of the streaming back online about four months ago.  I
tried to log on and got a login, but go round and
round in a circle when I try to access the streaming
series, taken to a buy now page.  

So I checked my paypal account and was surprised to
see that my account has been charged monthly for the
whole time, even for the long period when the
streaming shows were off the air.

Anyone else having this issue?  Anyone recall how long
streaming was down -- from what month to what month?

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