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Sat Apr 26 05:43:21 PDT 2008

i googled "by all accounts, the size of a Volvo station wagon." and came up
with this:

On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 4:26 AM, <billmilosz at> wrote:

> I got this email.  I assume it's spam of some kind, but I have yet to see
> exactly how it works- no mention of viagra, of mortgages, of sexy girl
> website.
> It reminds me of a section of a Joe Frank radio piece.  I can imagine
> hearing this read by an actress though a filter to sound like telephone
> audio, with a foreboding electronic drone music bed........
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> Sent: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 7:29 am
> Subject: «Maybe you ought to just toss it and start again from scratch. If
> anyone could do it, you could. Leave your agency, and take your time paying
> back what you owe.»
> I told him I didn't know. I hadn't thought that far.
> It's the phone, I think.
> «You have a point,» I said.
> «Exactly. I don't understand,» I said. «But let's get this straight. Yuki's
> still a child and she's been hurt. Someone needs to protect her. It's a lot of
> trouble, but somebody's got to do it. That's responsibility. Can't you
> understand that?»
> 40
> «Maybe it's because after all this time I think that really good songs—or really
> good anything—they're hard to find,» I said. «Like if you listen to the radio
> for a whole hour, there's maybe one decent song. The rest is mass-produced
> garbage. But back then I never thought about it, and it was great just
> listening. Didn't matter what it was. I was a kid. I was in love. And when
> you're a kid you can relate to any­thing, even if it's silly. Am I making sense
> to you?»
> 52
> «It was a huge alligator, by all accounts, the size of a Volvo station wagon. It
> came flying through the skylight, shattering glass everywhere, and it swallowed
> the two girls in one bite. Then it had half a potted palm for dessert. I was
> wondering if the creature was still at large. Do you think it's safe to go out?»
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