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Ira Glass uses the same concept of a "musical lead-up and bed" - even using some of the same tracks, e.g. MC 900 Ft Jesus track "Buried at Sea" from "One Step Ahead of the Spider"   which is used by Joe in "Mountain Rain" from 1996- listen to the first seconds of "Buried at Sea"  here:  http://lf.org/milosz/temp/900ft.mp3
This is one of the ways in which the "sonic style" of TAL is a direct descendant from Joe Frank's work, whose influence has been repeatedly acknowledged by Glass.
While I think it's a VERY GOOD show, maybe even GREAT, I don't agree that This American Life is "ground breaking" - it's just a story anthology.  It's cast in a hip, ironic post-modern style, but it's just a story anthology, which has been a format used by radio documentarians since at least the 1930's.  
I also want to say something more about Ira Glass and TAL - much to the credit of Ira and his staff and the management of Chicago's WBEZ which produces it, TAL does NOT shy away from controversial topics and has, quite often, a lot of "meat" in it's content.  Sure it has the light Sedaris stuff, and other ironic humor, but it also has had some very strong content, very well presented.  
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