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i don't know if anyone already pointed this out, but ira glass (this american life guy) used to work as an intern on Joe's show, many years ago.

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I'm just listening to my favorite Joe Frank episode, In The Dark, and I recognized a strange resemblance between Hollsworth's fantasy life, and the documentary story told on last week's episode of This American Life. In Hollsworth's story, he invites a homeless man home, and the man invites his friends over, and takes over Hollsworth's house and life. In the TAL episode, a man invites a prostitute into his home, and her friends take over his house, and eventually cause it to be raided and condemned by the police.

An interesting parallel.

Anyway, if you haven't heard the TAL episode, it's on their website, thislife.org. Perhaps it's not the most amazing TAL ever, but very good.
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