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Joe's programs are distributed by CD which are sent to the various public radio  stations in cities around the country.  Each station playing the program can select a time to play it, and each station may not play the same program.  So, there's no "nationally broadcast" single Joe Frank program each week.  
Joe is available on the XM Satellite Radio system, channel 163 Tuesday through Saturday nights at 9:00 Pacific / 12 Midnight Eastern time. Of course, you have buy an XM-capable satellite receiver and pay a monthly subscription to XM in order to hear any XM programming. See http://www.xmradio.com/onxm/channelguide.xmc?ch=163   Obviously this program is the same wherever you hear it, unlike the situation on your local Public Radio station.
In the days when he was with KCRW (a Southern California NPR station) his weekly program was carried by the NPR satellite distribution system and local stations could air the satellite feed; in those days, there was one weekly Joe Frank program coast-to-coast.
It might be interesting to note that since he left KCRW, that station is no longer the largest / most well-supported Public Radio affiliate.  Coincidence.....?   I'll leave that up to you. 
(By some measures, the "premier" NPR station is now WBEZ in Chicago.)
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