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yesterday received (co-incidentally?)a "joe frank newsletter" which i had
signed up for, first one i've gotten since i signed up sometime in the
summer, i think.  anyway, it said he's working on new stuff, so i take that
to mean he's doing OK, at least OK enough to be working. so, just passing
that along, since i sent this before i received the newsletter---that he
must be healthy enough to be working. which is good any way you slice it.

> it's worrisome to me that jf had a kidney transplant and no one seems to
know how he is doing.  anyone? i have the impression that larry (block? i
think?) reads this list sometimes, or that the joe frank "team" takes a
look once in a while, so, anyone?  this question was thrown out a few weeks
ago, and there has been no news of any kind that i've seen.  
> it would just be so nice to know if he is doing OK.  a kidney transplant
is kind of a big deal.  not hearing anything has started to worry me. any
news at all would be nice....i'm sure i'm not the only one who's feeling
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