[joe-frank-list] Any News?

bewareofdog at mac.com bewareofdog at mac.com
Tue Nov 21 13:01:36 PST 2006

Just wondering if anyone had got any news of Joe's health recently,  
if he's still working on Santa Monica Book of The Dead...

I ran into Griifin Dunne at a bar in NYC last week.  I confessed I  
was a fan of his work, & managed to work up the nerve to ask him  
about After Hours and the JF program Lies...
He replied he hadn't been aware of the controversy until afterwards,  
but was a fan of Joe's work.  He had heard Joe has not been well and  
expressed concern.

I'm also working with Richard Foreman, a NY avant-garde theater  
director, who is also a fan of Joe's programs.  He has also heard Joe  
has not been well.

The last news update on the website was in July... and damnit, Joe...  
we're all pulling for you.

If you happen to read this and are well enough to travel to New York,  
there will be always be a seat reserved for you at Richard Foreman's  
show "Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Your Unconscious Mind Is Dead!"
We're running Jan 19th through May 6th.

The list has been kind of quiet as of late, anyone got anything?

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