[joe-frank-list] Night pt.2

Jeff Anton antonjf at hesiod.org
Tue May 30 19:27:56 PDT 2006

Ummm... No.  Night is two hours, two one hour Work In Progress
shows from 1989.  I have both parts which I recorded over the air
back then with the NPR introductions.  (I just checked my tape collection)
Maybe Joe's site has the two parts woven into one two hour show.

See http://wfmu.org/JF/joe_show.html#1989_7

Also see http://www.andromeda.com/people/ddyer/joe/joe-frank-finder.html

As far are being each being as good, it seems like one story, part one
ends with talk about Donna and part two starts with "When Donna got to


Larry Dunn wrote:
>>From: bewareofdog at mac.com
>>I was just going over the Joe Frank Wiki and saw a
>>listing for Night  
>>pt.2.  On Joe's site, I only saw Night listed as a
>>single episode  
>>(which is a phenomenal episode).  Any one out there
>>have a copy of  
>>Night pt.2?  Is it as good as the first?
> Night was an episode of "Work in Progress."  It was a one-parter.
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