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Tue Jun 20 12:12:12 PDT 2006

When Kornfield first appeared in Joe's work, it seemed out of place.
And then I tried to figure out, is Joe mocking him or embracing him? Or  does 
Kornfield's words just fit into the rest of the piece?
I concluded, no, no, and no.
I think Joe likes his voice and appreciates the hypnotic power. Also, the  
tone of peace and enlightenment balances and gives relief and contrast with  
Joe's inquietude and doubt.
Kornfield is highly respected in his field, and as was noted here  
previously, he's unfamiliar with Joe's work. They're not buddies. They've never  met.
Kornfield isn't a neat fit into Joe's pieces, but then again, Joe is a  
sloppy though brilliant artist. 
Through Joe's work, Kornfield has kind of grown on me and I've sought out  
his recordings. With a little patience, they can be downloaded from  Limewire.
Robert Wright
San Jose
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