[joe-frank-list] Jack Kornfield

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 18:54:19 PDT 2006

From: Justin Kempton <justin at kempton.com>

> Where would the story be if everyone spoke like
>Jack Kornfield? If everyone was careful never to
>step on an ant let's say, or swat a fly, or hurt
>anyone's feelings. 

Jack Kornfield says no such thing.  He speaks often,
anc clearly, about the disconnect between the goals of
Buddhism and the tensions, the distractions of the
world.  Even in the "Karma" series (where you hear
Kornfield most often), he is very clear about this.

It's patently obvious that Joe Frank finds Kornfield's
quest for peace and deeper understanding to be
profoundly moving.  Even as recently as his
web-special program "Fire" he cited Kornfield's
teachings as an admirable goal.

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