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Jeff Anton antonjf at hesiod.org
Sun Jun 18 21:48:26 PDT 2006

It took quite a while for me to stop being annoyed by Jack's voice
in Joe's work.  For me, Jack seems like a pale, monotone and overly
simple version of Alan Watts.  Having heard many of the recordings
of Alan Watts' lectures, Jack puts me to sleep.  Alan's talks and
stories seem very much more like Joe's work to me.  I've also thought
that Joe might have run out of his own point of view.  Joe's early
work was often actors doing some reading with Joe as a kind of
narrator or chorus pointing something out.  When Jack Kornfield
showed up, I felt that Joe deligated the narrator/chorus role to
Jack because so much of those shows are Joe and Frank or Debi on
the phone.

Jeff Anton

Sally wrote:
> I would absolutely love to hear what everyone's take on Jack  Kornfield 
> is, and what they think Joe's take on him is.
> I initially regarded them ironically, and assumed Joe was using them  as 
> counterpoint to Debi (who seems after a sense of spiritual  fulfillment) 
> and also sometimes Larry (who seems to misunderstand  Jack completely). 
> But, now I've actually gotten really into them. I  feel like Joe is 
> using them to condemn Debi and Larry's world view.  But, then, does Joe 
> subscribe to Jack's philosophies?
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