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Will Irace spblat at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 17:13:03 PDT 2006

This is outstanding. Please support Joe Frank if you subscribe to the
podcast; there's a link right there on the podcast page.  Let's encourage
Joe to continue to put these out!

I am encouraged and excited by this development. I have re-subscribed to
joefrank.com, re-enabled editing at www.jfwiki.org, and added a link to the
inaugural podcast show on the front page. If you're not familiar with the
(totally unofficial) Joe Frank Wiki, now might be a good time to drop by and
say hello. I love the idea that these shows might start dribbling out on a
regular basis for us to listen to them (and perhaps discuss) anew.


On 6/18/06, billmilosz at aol.com <billmilosz at aol.com> wrote:
> OK  it seems  now all of you with iPods can get your Joe Frank fix,
> see  http://www.joefrank.com/cast/
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