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Bob Lee bobl at 1amsoftware.com
Wed Jun 14 22:30:28 PDT 2006

Sort of full of yourself Larry.

ROFL   with this one..
"I'm not one of these tech-geeks who must get
 his content delivered to him in precisely format he
demands, or declare it "unacceptable."  I'm simply not
that fussy."

Hey, I got some cassettes tapes of Joe laying around.   No tape player 
anymore   Want some ?     They were good quality back in the early 90's when 
I recorded them...

Today, its all about the delivery.. Just look at what Sprint  and Verizon 
are doing, not to mention NBC  etc.. Television, and Videos  pumped to your 
cell phones.  Sure none of us who ever listened to an hour of Joe ever would 
find ourselves looking at a cell phone to see last nights episode of LOST.. 
Media and technology keep moving along with ever increasing speed, and 
somehow people are keeping up with it.. Just because you pigeon hole us 
tech-geeks doesn't mean what we do is any less important to the world.

Sure I would love to bring back the old days, with Joe on Sunday morning, 
But its not going to happen.. Now the best I can do is listen to Joe on my 
subway ride into work on my MP3 player.
Its not radio, but it does fill the gap..  But the JoeFrank website, with 
the way it does not allow one to save the content doesn't give the user the 
ability to listen to Joe over and over.. and I think we could all agree, 
that listening to a Joe a second/ third or fourth time brings new meaning to 
the work...
I for one don't like to be strapped to my computer to listen to a Joe.. 
would much rather have it in a car or on  my portable, and I applaud the 
joefrank.com web site for starting the effort to publish the works in 
podcast format.
That is a great step in the right direction.
Bob Lee

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> From: Levent <ghastly_fop at yahoo.com>
>>Well, it's admirable, I guess, that you continue to
>>support Joe by continuing to subscribe to his very
>>poorly maintained web site
> To be frank, if you have to guess (especially via a
> clumsy left-handed compliment), you just don't get it.
>>(and while I imagine it's
>>been very tough on whoever's responsible for the
>>site, it's still a business, and we're still
>>customers, as well as patrons, of Joe's art).
> If I saw Joe's work as a commodity, I might agree.
> But I don't.  I don't look at supporting Joe and his
> work as interchangable with buying a latte or the
> latest New Pornographers album or whatever.
> For years I turned on the radio and there were these
> amazing shows, definitely not interchangable with a
> latte or the latest band.  And they were totally free.
> Will I spend money to support the complete library of
> those shows, and get access to the full library?
> Sure.  I'm not one of these tech-geeks who must get
> his content delivered to him in precisely format he
> demands, or declare it "unacceptable."  I'm simply not
> that fussy.
> I guess looking at the format instead of the essence
> of the content is what passes for critique in our
> disposable culture.
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