[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank Web Site

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 18:21:04 PDT 2006

From: Levent <ghastly_fop at yahoo.com>

>Well, it's admirable, I guess, that you continue to
>support Joe by continuing to subscribe to his very
>poorly maintained web site 

To be frank, if you have to guess (especially via a
clumsy left-handed compliment), you just don't get it.

>(and while I imagine it's
>been very tough on whoever's responsible for the 
>site, it's still a business, and we're still 
>customers, as well as patrons, of Joe's art).  

If I saw Joe's work as a commodity, I might agree. 
But I don't.  I don't look at supporting Joe and his
work as interchangable with buying a latte or the
latest New Pornographers album or whatever.  

For years I turned on the radio and there were these
amazing shows, definitely not interchangable with a
latte or the latest band.  And they were totally free.
 Will I spend money to support the complete library of
those shows, and get access to the full library? 
Sure.  I'm not one of these tech-geeks who must get
his content delivered to him in precisely format he
demands, or declare it "unacceptable."  I'm simply not
that fussy.

I guess looking at the format instead of the essence
of the content is what passes for critique in our
disposable culture.

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