[joe-frank-list] Night pt.2

mike hurst mrdubway at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 8 18:11:09 PDT 2006

Is this Larry Block?

I really like the part where Larry describes the woman he was in love with 
in New York and the seemingly inocuous moment where he realized that the 
relationship had begun to end.

Mike Hurst

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>Subject: [joe-frank-list] Night pt.2
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> > From: bewareofdog at mac.com
> > I was just going over the Joe Frank Wiki and saw a
> > listing for Night
> > pt.2.  On Joe's site, I only saw Night listed as a
> > single episode
> > (which is a phenomenal episode).  Any one out there
> > have a copy of
> > Night pt.2?  Is it as good as the first?
>Night was an episode of "Work in Progress."  It was a one-parter.
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