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Very well done. That was an incredibly well thought out gift. Thanks for your efforts.

Ryan Comperatore

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   I sent these two DVD box sets to Joe's PO box, along with this note:

  "Joe- from the joe-frank-list at armory.com members, in lieu of multiple bouquets we thought  these might help you while away some of the time you'll be stuck at home recuperating. We're all hoping you'll recover to improved health. "

  "Treasures From American Film Archives - Encore Edition"    4 DVDs (11 hours)
  "Unseen Cinema - Early American Avant Garde Film 1894-1941"      7 dvd set (20 hours)


  It's been my great pleasure to undertake this little task for Joe. The response from the members of the Joe Frank List has been great, and it's been my privledge to carry this out on behalf of the group.

  Health problems, like he's facing, are scary and positive gestures like this gift do help with recovery.  

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