[joe-frank-list] Joe rec'd his gift in the hospital.....

BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net
Mon Jul 24 13:29:22 PDT 2006

Bill, those look FANTASTIC.  They get my vote.

Thank you so much for everything you've been doing!


-----------ORIGINAL MESSAGE-----------

I got word today that Joe Frankl recieved the 
magazines and card we sent to him today-  the 
hospital gift shop put the little note I emailed 
inside a card, and wrapped the magazines nicely-  Joe 
was apparently surprized that we organized to get it 
together and send him something in the hospital, he 
was happy to get it and I think the message of our 
support was encouraging for him to hear.
One of the suggestions for the use for the rest of 
the money is to buy a couple of boxed DVD sets like 
these two
There's enough money to buy both.  They would make a 
nice gift, if he doesn't already own them. 

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