[joe-frank-list] Joe is going to have surgery.....

billmilosz at aol.com billmilosz at aol.com
Wed Jul 12 22:15:21 PDT 2006

 Joe Frank will be undergoing major surgery 7/21
I plan to send flowers "from the joe-frank-list"
Anyone wishing to chip in can send a few bucks to me via paypal  billmilosz at aol.com
I am also going to make a CDROM to send him with some flash on it, a "Get Well Card" if you will, if you have photos, short video clips, short audio clips, etc  you can email them to me.   I will put the resulting Flash on a website someplace for everyone to see.  The idea is "Get Well Soon!" so kinda stick with that concept loosely - this is a not intended to be a way to send Joe your great unpublished opus.... something funny, cute, warm, supportive, cynically sardonic....send  what you feel.
I will also assemble a podcast to be downloadable from my website, so if you just have a voice "get well soon!" clip, email that to me.  Just use a mic and record an MP3 or an OGG or even a WAV (if it's brief!) and email it my way, I will have the podcast site up by 7/21
Please send any stuff ASAP 'cause it will take me a few days to assemble....
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