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BILLMILOSZ at aol.com BILLMILOSZ at aol.com
Tue Jul 11 23:01:02 PDT 2006

It's JIM NAYDER  who is the announcer who does the announcing on Sundays, 
he's cueing up the CDROM or DAT, and I have the feeling he's not really that 
motivated.  If station management told him to announce the title, he would.  I'm 
sure it's on the media (DAT, CD, whatever) but the job of doing the weekend 
playing-the-tapes and announcing the station breaks falls to him, it's not like 
it's a very glamorous gig, he sounds to me like he's just sort of going through 
the motions.  He does perk up a little when it comes time to introduce Ken 
Nordine's WORD JAZZ, Nordine and Nayder are pals.

Let's each write him an email and ask him, could he please announce the 

nayder at aol.com 


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