[joe-frank-list] Can you help identify a show?

SpringyStepps at aol.com SpringyStepps at aol.com
Mon Jul 10 12:12:27 PDT 2006

Last night in Chicago a program aired on WBEZ that I haven't heard  before.  
For some unfathomable reason, recently WBEZ has taken to not  identifying Joe 
show titles.  It's lots of Joe/Larry arguing on the phone  (no, not you, Larry 
Dunn!), with Larry upset about how his career has gone and  Joe trying to 
tell him that developing self-awareness would likely have changed  his life, with 
Larry defensively globalizing that to  (paraphrasing)  "you mean people with 
AIDS and living in the ghetto could have improved their  life with 
self-awareness?" - also a Christine and Joe conversation about Joe  being in the hospital 
after a seizure from blood loss due to a bleeding stomach  ulcer, Joe talking 
about the compassion and mercy of the hospital workers and  finding a 
semblance of God in that kindness, and after leaving the hospital  having all that 
upliftedness immediately leave as he ogled an  attractive woman and felt road 
rage at another driver.  There's also  Jack Kornfeld sprinkled liberally 
throughout.  Anyone know this program  title? Thanks in advance.
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