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Thought  I'd share this with the group. . . I came across the news story 
below and  it made me think of the monologue Joe gives in Predator, at  41:50.

I'd  also like to give a shout-out to the JF Wiki ( http://www.jfwiki.org 
),  which helped me figure out this came from  Predator.


As usual, Joe is years ahead of his time. Thanks for the link. --  I  like 
this part of the article:  "Every Palestinian suicide bomber has  Jews in his 
past. Every Sunni Muslim in  _Iraq_ 
(http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news/?p=Iraq)  is descended from at least one  Shiite. And every Klansman's family 
has African roots."  (It  triggered a certain portentous lyric in my head: "Just 
as every cop is  a criminal, and all the sinners saints...")  ---- Karen  
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